Atlas' First Birthday, The Cutest Camping Trip I've Ever Been On

Hey Everyone!


I love how stoked all of my mommy friends are getting about their kids first birthdays. From theme planning to driving across the city to snatch the best cakes in town (S/O San Remo’s!), every parent I know is curating and putting together the smallest (but most adorable) details to host some the most charming little birthday parties I’ve ever seen.

I walked into Atlas’ camping themed 1st birthday I couldn’t help but gush over the tiny binoculars, the teal checkered tent set up (complete with padded fire), the colourful confetti cake and yellow paper chandelier. Every detail was hand picked, curated and created by my very creative friend Madelaine (seriously, this girl does calligraphy, baking and is a PROFESH in the macaron world, check out her blog AND yummy recipes at


Madelaine had asked me asked me to be the designated photographer for the event which I was so excited to be a part of. Mads had asked me to capture her shower but Atlas was eager and arrived two months early and she spent the next few months with him, of course, making sure he was healthy and strong. Madelaine and I hadn't seen each other since our corporate lives at Sears and I had yet to meet her sweet little boy and husband!


I feel so lucky that I get to be a part of and capture these exciting moments and grateful that Madelaine thought of me to capture the moments that will be forever the most adorable camping trip I’ve ever been on. Check out some photos below and don’t forget to check out to see what kind of creative magic Mads is able to bring to life!