OMG Happy 2019!

And where the eff have I been you may ask …and where the off have I NOT been is my answer….SO many things have been torpedoing around me for the last month, that I’m also SO stoked about. I landed myself two freelancing gigs shooting and editing for two different studios in the city so in between THAT and some very random blessed freelance gigs this month (that I’m super grateful for) I’ve been absolutely swamped with edited and shooting and creating and learning my ass off.

As 2018 came to an end and 2019 a new beginning it really felt like a momentum that began months ago just started picking up speed. SO many beautiful, creative and inspiring people have shown up as these wonderful forces that continue inspiring me and pushing me forward on the daily.

I’ve been really really really blessed to work on some of the projects and work with some of the PEOPLE I have this year from PSR Realty, to really kick ass, strong girl boss entrepreneurs, to more recently an amazing vintage clothing shop in the heart of my fav neighbourhood, Kensington Market. Every opportunity has given me the chance to expand and explore my creativity and keep on keeping on living my dream.

Recently an incredible friend of mine, (like when I say incredible I mean it) creative powerhouse and overall seriously inspiring and kick ass female and I decide to run our own course in starting an online Magazine. Crazy right? It was a small idea. We’re both creatives with this serious fire to create. When we say this I mean we CREATE. We spend minutes, hours and days in between our normal schedules to bring the dreams and words that dance in our heads into fruition. We put pen to paper, ink to water, or whatever in my case eye to viewfinder because well, we need to. We create because otherwise we may feel it wasted or otherwise we may be holding on to something that doesn’t belong to us. So out of this idea and a few back and fourth rants we created UNLOVED. A magazine and platform for artists to be able to share THEIR creations, because they’re fucking important! And because we know you’re creating them anyways. I couldn't be more excited to work alongside Radyah, a true artist in her own right and the definition of what it means to be a boss lady. If you have Instagram you should follow us @theunlovedmag or submit some shiz! We want to see…

Also I’ve been listening to a lot of Maggie Rogers lately? has anyone heard? She’s this super indie looking folky alternative girl who I absolutely have a girl crush on, her music is also amazing. Seriously, look her up.

Okay that’s all I got for now! Happy 2019 everybody, cheers to the best year yet