Family Photography


I know some of our best memories are often shared with our families. Between big functions to movie nights in there are always special moments we really want to hold on to and remember forever. Although the big moments ARE important, I find that often, it's in the split seconds of life NOT going according to plan that sometimes hold the funniest, cutest and most capturable (I just made up a word) moments. 

I recently photographed a family. I was scheduled to be there by 5:30 and told that the shoot should be two-hours. I had a park, a blazing sun and although adorable kiddos who (obviously) would rather be playing vid games and chilling at home. The parents didn't mind not having family photos taken but definitely wanted to capture their kids in the best light (not meaning to, but pun intended!).

As you can imagine, it's tough posing kids who are not down to have their portraits taken BUT I had a feeling that IF I got them in a good mood and put them in the right setting I could get some good shots. 

THANKFULLY there was a park around the corner. So I let them run free and really let them do what kids do best, EXPLORE. Once I gave them the freedom to do what they wanted they were 100% more open to posing suggestions and being guided to having their pictures taken in other locations. PLUS in the mean time, in between time, while they were running wild and free, I got some REALLY natural and cute AF shots of them playing and loving life! 

A little sample of what went down below! As a parent or photographer FIND and create those in between, split seconds of life not going according to plan shots to capture your family living their best lives.