Brilliance, Bosoms + Bums

Undressing in front of a camera isn’t an easy thing to do. Did you know that 91% of women dislike their bodies? That’s the majority of us picking apart our STRONG, beautiful, solid bodies because of some very wrong misconceptions we have about how we’re SUPPOSED to look. Every woman deserves to feel beautiful and celebrated in the bodies they were given. Embracing this philosophy takes time. Shedding the sometimes very ingrained inaccuracies of how we see ourselves doesn’t happen overnight. That’s why I am so happy, after wrapping up a week of boudoir shoots, to say that I got to play a small part in this process for all the gorgeous ladies who stepped into the studio this week to bare all their brilliance….and a little bit of their bosoms and bums.

Screen Shot 2018-02-09 at 5.17.07 PM.png