Who was Peter Lindbergh?


When auto correct doesn’t correct your last name, you know you’ve done something right. As I type Lindbergh into this post, the name remains untouched and stands alone in it’s strength. A reflection of Peter Lindbergh’s style, the photographer’s anti re touching philosophy became a household name in the realm of fashion photography. PL was a German photographer who’s anti-editing philosophy and powerful black and white images of actresses and models showcased the truth behind beauty, one that had nothing to do with physical appearance. Lindbergh saw elegance, beauty and strength in the experiences these women had lived, not in the glossy, perfected and airbrushed images the fashion world was used to.


“The first rule of beauty is truth”

It’s this philosophy that Peter Lindbergh developed his own style. He recognized that real glamour was woven within the trails the women he photographed walked and the truth of their experiences that led them to be the women they were.


"When you look in the magazines, the women have no experiences or any marks of a past or of anything...and they are totally wiped out and washed out and I think that's insane," he said. "That dream of perfection and that dream of forever young is a ridiculous thought."

He was famed for the rise of the supermodel and shot powerful celebrities across the board including Cindy Crawford, Noami Campbell, Lupita Nyong'o, Helen Mirren and Uma Thurman and Kate Moss.

With the appreciation for truth and experience, PL was able to build a career on giving people the space to be themselves, to tell their stories and to see beauty as a journey and not a destination.

Shooting Anthony and Natalie's Engagement Photos

tania cannarella engagement photography

When Anthony and Natalie asked me to shoot their engagement photos I was thrilled. They’re both so unique in their own ways that bringing their personalities together to make their engagement photos represent who they were was going to be fun. Anthony liked the idea of going somewhere very urban to shoot in the middle of tall, powerful buildings, where Natalie was leaning more toward a romantic and whimsical look. So we chose a few locations that would accommodate both! First a trip to King Street in Toronto where we could get the strength and glass of the tall buildings, the corporate buzz and maybe a few shots of the CN tower if we could wing it :).

tania cannarella, engagement photo

Did you know….. you needed a permit to shoot on outside of any building on King Street?! I didn’t either until we were in the middle of Anthony and Natalie’s engagement session when a guard walked up to us asking if we got “permission” to shoot in front of the financial buildings! I swear I thought only obvious places like the University of Toronto, St George Campus, required a permit but alas, I was wrong and we were told to leave…I politely apologized and we made our way out, but not before I could sneak one last photo of them kissing at the top of the stairs =D lol THANKFULLY this was towards the END of our shoot and we were already on our way out, back to my condo where the green gardens and cute fountain acted as the backdrop for our next look.

Luckily you do not need permission or a permit to shoot in the courtyard of my condo…The first part of the day was cloudy and a little chilly, and an almost going to rain vibe which was nice not to have harsh sunlight reflecting off of all of the glass buildings in the financial district . However! When we got BACK to the condo, the clouds broke and the sun showed it’s colourful face. This actually made for some really cool lens flare that I used to shoot in to and create a little bit of that whimsical, romantic look Natalie was hoping for :). We got to shoot on, what turned out to be, a sunny, spring, Toronto day! I couldn’t have asked for anything better to make both Anthony and Natalie happy, because as you know, compromise, is the foundation of any good relationship :)

Until next time!

tania cannarella, engagement photos