South American Travels: Brazil

This will get controversial…

It was the morning of the much anticipated Confederation Cup Game, Brazil VS Uruguay. During breakfast an English speaking Brazilian, now residing in Vegas, sparked a conversation with dad and I. He told us how for the last 20 years he has attended every World Cup game, around the world. This guy must have a TONNE of air miles and alongside his loud drum him and his heavily costumed, face painted, wig wearing friend, what these men represented was the essence of every fan in that stadium. Passion.

I would never call myself an avid soccer fan, actually it was only yesterday that I FINALLY understood what it means to be off side (leave it to me to need the most extreme situation to understand) but if this stadium and all of it’s raving, passionate, soccer crazed fans doesn’t give you a soccer boner nothing ever will. 

Here’s where things get tricky because outside of the 57 thousand Brazilian fans in attendance, were violent clashes between police and protestors on the streets of BH.

It is the first time in years that the Brazilian people have found their voice against the government in a fight for better education, healthcare and basic human rights. It was while I was attempting to ask the heavily tattooed boy behind the bar if they were still serving beer that a young, blonde girl stepped in as my saviour and translator. It was then that she began to explain to me that the people just want to see their tax money put to good use and not wasted on building stadiums and supporting soccer games.

There is a revolution happening and according to an Amazonian girl at the bar last night, for the first time, the Brazilian government are opening their ears to what their people are fighting for.

And no matter which sideline you stand on one thing is for sure, whether on the field or in the streets, the passion of the people is undeniable.